Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Another Version" by Chirpy feels like psychedelic dark chamber pop

The track Another Version by Chirpy (the musical moniker of Rebecca Shannon) is a multi layered musical cake. There are a lot of varied vibes going on here. The interweaving melodies and depths of sound from organic to synthetic, from 60's chamber pop to spooky horror chic pushes the song into a dark dreamy soundscape. Shannon, a singer songwriter, producer from Dublin, Ireland. She reveals:  "Another Version was written after working as a performer for a number of years. It's a song about not being true to yourself in the most basic of ways and having to look in the mirror knowing that you are fast forwarding through life as a manufactured version of yourself, created by others. When you're used as a puppet to carry out other peoples dreams - you can only blame yourself in the end" 

The video was recorded and produced by David Ferguson of Suddenly Dance Theatre Company in Canada.

Robb Donker

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