Friday, January 11, 2019

Imp Of Perverse - "Tripping Thru A Hallway On Fire" contains twisted musical riddles

Tripping Thru A Hallway On Fire, the single from Austin (Texas) based Imp of Perverse's "Imp In Reverse" limited edition cassette via Under the Counter Tapes is a Chinese fortune cookie of proggy post punkness containing twisted musical riddles and questions as curious as the song title itself. I mean is the hallway on fire or the person tripping through on fire??

The song dances on nimble guitar lines, cagey and crisp drumming / bass lines and hushed singing by it's creator, Sean Lochridge who currently drums for Austin's favorite psych pop progressive art rock band Sherry. Lochridge is a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist bedroom pop (experimental art rock) producer. He has just released the self recorded "Imp in Reverse" which is a massive 22 song compilation "record" on cassette tape. The collection of songs is broken up into sections and in my current state I would literally drown in the details so consider what you see below as the liner notes of this track review. Bravissimo Sean. 


Act I: "Not Getting What You Want, One Step at a Time" 
Consisting of 4 'scenes', this act is an excellent entry point to the Imp's brand of genius. Dense, yet light. Polished, but organic. This is an excellent blend of dreamy and catchy, and is likely the most accessible of the 4 acts. 

Act II: "There's Everything" 
This 5 scene act is the experimental one, particularly with regards to "Exspectra" and "Pixelated Mindfuck in the Infinite Reality Corner". Off-kilter melodies and instrumental breaks are prominent. The rabbit hole is here.

Intermission: "Chrysalis" A brand new song exclusive to this release. You're welcome. 

Act III: "togethercoloured instant" 
This is a brief but absolutely gorgeous 3 scene psychedelic folk love letter dedicated to Sean's girlfriend and muse, Lily. 

Act IV: "Who Knows" 
This is where it all began, this is where it ends. The 9 scene debut act of Imp of Perverse closes out this story. This is the most raw, heavy act. Distorted guitars, loud drums, dynamic performances, bursting with youth, vigor, ambition, and life, this is the explosive genesis of the Imp's solo endeavor. 

Whether you digest it in parts, or gorge yourself on the whole thing in one sitting, "Imp In Reverse" is an undeniable document of virtuosity and versatility. Absolutely no fan of psychedelic music should miss out on this huge collection. 

Robb Donker

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