Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Slow Beast" from Monte Carload's concept album about a drunken werewolf

Singer songwriter Tyler White hails from Grand Prairie, Texas and while he probably has written personal stories about unrequited love and late night heartbreaks like most songwriters he seems to often times veer his stories through other characters eyes. He has written and recorded music with the band Man Factory since 2004 who are best know for their "Street Fight!" albums / rock operas based on characters from Street Fighter 2. 

In 2014 White relocated to Chicago releasing music under the name Monte Carload and last year released a self titled concept album following the journey of a drunken werewolf from "curse to rehabilitation." Awwwww, Tyler.

The song Slow Beast feels like all the aspects of 90's college radio. Clean rock guitars, propelled by tight bass and drums frame bouncy melodies and forlorn harmonies. When you hear the pearly guitar hook followed by a second guitar harmony you start to turn like the werewolf at full moon into a fan. The sonic love affair ends to soon.

Robb Donker

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