Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"Sinner" - a reflective, sparkly, orchestra of emotions by Merival

Sinner by Merival, the musical moniker of singer-songwriter / composer Anna Horvath is a big lush bath of orchestral folk. Beginning with classical bones centered around Horvath's passionate vocal performance the track falls away to indie rock motifs filtered through what feels like 90's chamber pop tones with deep string beds, tight bass and drums and dynamic dramatic shifts. Of the song, Horvath offers: 

"Sinner is about being caught between two places, one known and comfortable, and the other intoxicatingly new and impossible to avoid. the feeling of tension that was present in every moment at the time of writing made me feel like I'd be altering the course of my life for the worse if I didn't explore it. societal constraints and prior commitments kept me from diving in, so I curled my brain around a self-destructive desperation instead. obsessive love is a funny thing; it distorts the lens of your reality and puts everything in such a heightened state that anything could be the beginning or end of your heart, and if you take it seriously then you do indeed alter your course!"

Merival hails from Ontario, Canada. An upcoming album is in the works.

Robb Donker

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