Monday, January 21, 2019

The Red Leslies keep their punk sound simple, raw and potent on "Intercourse Weapon"

Intercourse Weapon by Fullerton, California's The Red Leslies is simple, raw, potent punk rock pushed through power pop filters. You can feel some homages here to late 70's proto punk and other punk shifts later. Luis Sanchez and Adrian Martinez became The Red Leslies in 2015 forging a friendship and musical foundation built on their mutual love of art, classic records and iconic songwriters like Lou Reed, Buddy Holly and Lennon & McCartney. Their stripped down sound filled So Cal house parties and empty swimming pools filled with skaters as well as Orange County venues (and some of my old haunts) like The Observatory, Marty's On Newport and The Continental Room. Expect their debut record to drop this year called "In White" - (single from that album below- Staring at the Wall).

Robb Donker

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