Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hope and Heartbreak collide on Shark Gorilla's dreamy bedroom pop "Parking Lot"

Parking Lot by Shark Gorilla, the solo project of 24 year old Angela Hernandez based out of Portland, Oregon is an all too brief glimpse of hope and heatbreak colliding. Hernandez shares, "It's about losing connection with someone important and realizing that this person may be out of your life forever. It tells the story of the last moments with a loved one and waiting patiently, eagerly even, for the next moment to arrive. Whatever that could be, even a simple conversation. As time goes on, the realization that this person is gone for good sets in. And for no clear reason."

Despite the sadness in the song it sparkles. Propelled by Hernandez's double time strumming on electric guitar that seems to run ahead of her plaintiff vocals she shows a knack for catchy melodies. Bedroom poppy with shoegaze-ish tones and when you think it is building (musically and emotionally) it fades off way too soon... making you want more. 

Robb Donker

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