Saturday, February 2, 2019

"Eggshell" is a deep groove of experimental goodness by L.A. based Runner

Eggshell by slightly twisted LA. based indie folk rock outfit Runner glides along with earnest lyrics, a cool forlorn vocal performance and a deep groove surrounded by an askew sense and a variety of instrumentation from transient piano, what sounds like banjo plucking and synths turned inside out. The result shifts musical genres and just sound cooly embracing. At it's core Runner is Noah Weinman (guitarist for Worn-Tin and Natalie Green and trumpeter for DAISY) and Nate Lichtenberger (percussionist / FX for Thumpasaurus). They refer to their kind of experimental pop / folk 808 infused tunes as "Bandcamp songs for Soundcloud kids" and are assisted by bandmates Evan Rasch on Guitar, Dan Rasch on keys and Ben McPeek and Jordan Leicht on saxophones.

Eggshell is the first track off of Runner's upcoming EP, "Fan On" recorded and mixed in their garage and mastered by Warren Hildebrand (Alex G, Foxes in Fiction).

Robb Donker

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