Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mark Diamond mines the gifts in the universe on the lush pop of "Steady"

Los Angeles based (by way of Seattle, Washington) singer-songwriter Mark Diamond, on his debut single Steady, possesses a smooth self aware singing style and knack for solid grooved pop styles pushed through lush R & B filters.

Diamond believes in the twists and turns of hard work and luck and the gifts the universe has to offer. After getting kicked out of college his ascent into songwriting and music quickened.

The universe offered him a small piano room in his freshman dorm where he spent most of his time. 

“Sh*t started to get serious when I got kicked out of college. Right before I started tracking the last song on this live album I had been working on at the time, I got an email from university telling me basically don’t bother coming back next quarter or the next three after that one too.”

Equipped with a large number of finished tracks that he completed with talented writer and producer Richard Cracker the future is bright. 

 “I have never had more fun making music in my entire life. Music should make people feel good more than it makes them feel bad. Not necessarily ‘happy’ songs, but songs that make you feel better about life than when you started listening to it.”


Robb Donker

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