Sunday, March 17, 2019

"Break My Heart and Let Me Go" by Matthew Pinder featuring Molly Bush is a beautiful cold reminder

Break My Heart and Let Me Go by Matthew Pinder and featuring Molly Bush is the kind of song that inspires and fractures your heart at the same time. Pinder's voice holds comfort but with pearls of pain and as the emotional cadence of the song shifts from verse to chorus, from hurt to a kind of resolute suffering it feels like a twist of the knife. The addition of a beautiful female voice, blending emotions and harmonies does soften the blow (thankfully) feeling like a passion play reminding us that these deep emotions are in the artifice of song. A cold reminder of how much love can hurt us in the end.  

Robb Donker


Seeking to find answers and slow the world down, Matthew Pinder is an artist that explores the mountain range of human emotions with a tender artistry that commonly threads throughout his music. The Bahamian singer-songwriter sings from his own experiences, never afraid to bare the raw honesty of life and use his music to tell the stories that often go untold.
With lyrics encompassing the fickleness of relationships, the depths of human longing, and the hope of new days to come, Pinder has created two albums of original music. His first studio EP, Too Young To Understand, released in March 2018 and established Pinder as a newcomer to watch in the saturated singer-songwriter landscape. Working with producer Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson, Duncan Fellows), Pinder developed his newest release and first full length record of original songs and stories spanning the lyrical and thematic range of upbeat tones about finding love, to heartbreaking ballads of seeking hope and understanding. The result, Give Me Some Time, showcases Pinder in an undeniably human way as he grapples with finding that balance between the heartbreak and hope of life. 

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