Sunday, March 17, 2019

Charlie Lane reveals hard truths on "Faker"

Charlie Lane is a singer songwriter out of Melbourne (AUS) who has the ability to swim in many styles. Whether indie pop or cabaret or art pop with post punk leanings she always writes from the heart and spills her guts for everyone to see. Her music is in that sense, cathartic and inspirational. Her latest offering Faker, a dynamically rich indie rocker, is no exception. Of the track she reveals :

I wrote this at a time when I was in a relationship where the person was getting effected by my mental health, but didn’t fully understand it, nor wanted to. 
Didn’t understand what I have to go through and how much blame I actually put on myself, and how much you don’t actually mean to do what hurts them in the long run, but inevitably end up in a lonely as hell relationship. 
Therefore, you are always smiling to cover up the fact you are not happy at all. You are faking everything.

Robb Donker