Sunday, March 10, 2019

"How Can I Move On" soars on Marlene Oak's powerhouse vox from the "Silver Moon" EP

How Can I Move On by Marlene Oak and from her new EP "Silver Moon" has classic rock bones with roots rock filtered in. The down home earnest nature of the song and Oaks big earthy vocals crosses over genre's into folk rock, country and blues framed in a sort of 70's garden rock motif. Of the "Silver Moon" project, Oak acknowledges the iconic inspirations she pulled from as well as her experiences, relationships and places she draws from: 

“Before I wrote the title track ‘Silver Moon’, I listened to Bessie SmithBillie HolidayElla Jenkins, and Leadbelly a lot. You can hear the pain in their voices and there’s a certain darkness to the words that they sing. That’s the feeling that I wanted to convey in ‘Silver Moon. If my music can give something to anyone - I’m satisfied. Music has given me so much in my life, so now all I want to do is somehow give that back.” 

Robb Donker

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