Saturday, March 9, 2019

Danish bedroom folk artist Jacob Faurholt and his haunting "Halloween Pumpkin"

The track Halloween Pumpkin by Danish bedroom folk artist Jacob Faurholt and from the upcoming EP "Sad People" starts with the fluttering sound of a super 8 home movie reel. That sound set's an emotional tone evocative of nostalgia both embracing and haunting. Ghosts from the past can be lovely but scary too and Faurholt's back of the hallway vocals to a stoic acoustic guitar feels tortured and sad. When big industrial synthetic chords erupt on the down beats things get dark quickly. In the end, Halloween Pumpkin feels gothic, possessed by dissonant ghosts of the past. 

Robb Donker


Jacob Faurholt (born Nov. 6, 1978) is one of Denmark’s most prolific songwriters. He has released 10 albums, both solo and with his more experimental project Crystal Shipsss. 
Mostly DIY on his own label Raw Onion Records.

Halloween Pumpkin is the single (out March 1st) from Faurholt's upcoming EP Sad People (out March 29th on Raw Onion Records). It's a slow burning ballad that mixes Halloween imagery with a tale of love. Very fittingly released 7 months prior to the month of Halloween.
Sad People is a short collection of sparse, tense folk songs recorded live with a few overdubs in Faurholt’s home studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The recordings rough and mildly experimental character might bring early Bright Eyes or Will Oldham’s Palace Music to mind. Faurholt recorded and mixed the songs himself, in between his day job as a teacher, and spending time with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. In the end it was mastered by the Canadian producer Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, Royal City). In the spring of 2019 Faurholt will record a new full length album. This will take place in a recording studio with musicians from his hometown of Aarhus. A contrast to the lonely and intimate sound of Sad People.

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