Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"I Wanna Go Home" by Connie Danger feels hyper real and beautifully sad

I Wanna Go Home, the second single from Connie Danger's debut EP "The Ravages of Puberty (PT 1) embraces you with bell like keys, whimsical synths, thick bass synths and Danger's dreamy yet sad vox. The production has it's own hyper reality and feels kind of magical and unabashedly sweet with an almost child like wide eyed wonder. I thought of old school things like Neverending Story and New Wave bands like Kajagoogoo or the Thompson Twins and more contemporary artists like MGMT.  Connie Danger's aesthetic here inspired by moments of despair, of missing his mother feels nostalgic and tender. I am really loving his sound.  

Robb Donker

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