Thursday, March 7, 2019

"Night Dream" by Violent Bear exists in some magical place where happy people row boats in the sky

Night Dream by Violent Bear feels like it exists between some third plane of existence. Some magical land where happy shiny people row boats in the sky past cotton ball clouds and cut our houses swaying by hundreds of child puppeteers. At least that is what I see in my mind's eye. There is something decent and pure here unbridled by pretense and the latest trends. 

Robb Donker

Press Notes:

Violent Bear started as a husband wife duo in 2010 called The West. In 2015 core members Stephen and Tammy Herzig changed the name to Violent Bear and were joined by Jonas and Noah Cassity. The second album, Post Everything was released in March 2017 and made some small strides in the regional music scene. The single, anthem Mrs. Rabbit won over radio hosts and became the bands most popular song live. Post Everything was recorded in their basement. Raw and organic, the album translated well onto the live stage allowing Violent Bear to become an up and coming band of KC.
Good Morning Christine is the first single off the upcoming album of the same name to be released in fall 2018.
The band returned to it original form of a duo in August of 2018 and returned to the studio to continue working on the album that has definitely returned to the roots sound from years prior with a release day set for midsummer.
On February 14 Violent Bear released the single Night Dreams.

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