Saturday, April 6, 2019

"Headcase" by Abhi the Nomad is a heady rap / hip hop / indie pop acoustic based monster of a song

Headcase by Austin based Abhi the Nomad is a dizzy, heady rap / hip hop / indie pop acoustic based monster of a song. So densely packed with words and phrasings sputtered out sideways and upside down but also pearls of beautifully emotional singing that hits you (or at least hit me) hard. You might (like me) listen to this track a dozen times to capture it all and digest it. I love the way, it bops along but stops to revel in sadness and then hopefully builds up only to be riddled with streams of words once again....  "I'm black and blue shakin'" only to turn surprising corners, get all light and almost jazzy and then funky hip hop shakes it up only to return to the main vibe once again. It feels composed yet free form and improvisational all at once. Amazing.

Robb Donker

Press Notes: 

Abhi the Nomad is a 24 year old indian boy, dots, not feathers.
From Hip Hop to Indie, to indie Hip-Hop, Nomad will blow your mind with his kung fu style and abstract artistry you haven’t ever seen before. From the age of 12, Abhi has been kicking rad rhymes and melodies independently. 

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