Sunday, April 7, 2019

Edward Cantu's day dream of a song "High Definition" feels like hazy and hard realizations

High Definition by Edward Cantu is a spartan, easy, yet deeply emotional day dream of a song. Despite the title of the track, the sound feels like hazy memories and the lyrics like poetry waxed in such a way as to be beautifully vague and left open to interpretation like lyrics should be:

"I know it’s no fun
When no one’s to blame when the wind
blows across a fragile flame
Don't call it self-respect
Or some you-go-girl gut check, we
just live on to fight another day"

Edward Cantu is a constitutional law professor as well. How many singer-songwriters can say that. Press notes reveal that heavy things in life pointed him toward music and songwriting:

"because of jarring life circumstances in 2016, became obsessed with learning to create music. The effort has shown me that the truth one finds through music, at least when it's pursued as authentically as possible, makes intellectual truth seem almost silly by comparison. So, go figure, but here I am. And I'm not going away anytime soon.

Robb Donker

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