Sunday, April 7, 2019

"Heavy Hearts" by Voluptuous Panic feels like a psychotropic pastiche of normal turned inside out

The Official video for the track Heavy Hearts by the musical outfit Voluptuous Panic looks like a psychotropic pastiche of normal images turned inside out and artistically askew by a keenly off kilter editing style but mostly by the use of shifting colors and posterizing scenes of Americana. A parade of girl and boy scouts seems somehow unsettling as their faces became hard to focus on and city lights or cable cars feel and look like an LSD trip. As directed by Jane Petitjean it fits VP's sound perfectly, dreamy, hazy, emotionally detached yet intimate as well. 

Voluptuous Panic is a West Coast-via-Midwest shoegaze band created by The Icicles frontwoman Gretchen DeVault and music journalist Brian J. Bowe. Their press notes reveal that manyof their collaborations are made while many miles apart. 

'Voluptuous Panic began in 2013, when Bowe reached out to DeVault from his temporary apartment in Paris. As DeVault tumbled through postpartum depression in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bowe was spending a year teaching at the Sorbonne and experiencing an existential crisis of his own. Discovering a mutual understanding of their shared emotional states, they began crafting transoceanic tracks as a sort of therapy. Drawing influence from bands like Yo La TengoSlowdive and the Cocteau Twins, Voluptuous Panic’s recordings pair emotionally vulnerable lyrics with complex instrumental textures, delicate-yet-loud notes and DeVault’s melodic dream-pop vocals.'

I for one deeply understand music, creating music, songwriting as a therapeutic process as much as it is an art form. I look forward to hearing more from these two. 

Robb Donker

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