Monday, April 22, 2019

Jamsällskapet smooth and rough psyche rock meets lounge rock on "Glasbarn"

The Track Glasbarn by Sweden's Jamsällskapet (which translates to "the jam assembly") is a smooth and rough kind of psyche rock meets lounge rock pushed through proggy light jazz filters... yes, seriously. It is a cool surprising mix with emotive vocal performances that shine and captivate whether you speak the language or not. Every time I hit replay I hear another nuance I had not heard before. Jamsällskapet is influenced by bands like Tame impala, Dungen and Amason.

Jamsällskapet is:

Emil Karl Björck (Guitar, Synth, Vocals, Kazoo etc.)
Mehrdad Shirnazar (Bass)
Fredric Ericson (Drums)
Emma Järnvall (Vocals)
Niklas Mattsson (Guitar)

Robb Donker

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