Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Step into the weird dream that is "Flowers For All Occasions" by Blood Cultures

Flowers For All Occasions by New Jersey weirdos Blood Cultures (and I come from a long line of weirdos) is an aural feast full of those things on your plate you can't necessarily identify. As a music writer I listen to thousands of submissions over a given period of time and a lot of it, quite frankly, feels like hundreds or other songs, Flowers For All Occasions does not and for that I am grateful. From the onset it has a tilted ambiance and then steps into, shifts into rhythms and sounds that feel like a strange dream. The aesthetic feels like part a lovely pop song (or Mentos commercial) to big festival indie pop but all reflected through a carnival mirror. The musical break is awesome with the double time high hat work. Not sure if Blood Cultures is an art collective or straight band (of weirdos) but I like this and have my eyes on you.

Robb Donker

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