Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sadgasm - "It's Better With Jonny Around" from the EP "I Don't Like To Cry" feels like a lovely punk affirmation

Sadgasm's quasi-title track, It's Better With Jonny Around, off their new EP "I Don't Like To Cry" feels surf punkish but drenched in tears. I couldn't help but think of a kind of decades blending of styles from the Cure to Together Pangea. The musical break steps up the musicality and is so fresh and jammy. The song for me (that deals with the toll depression takes) pushes such beautiful emotions on the chorus full of hope, longing for love and being saved that it itself feels like stepping back from the ledge. Great stuff. 

Sadgasm hail from Salem, Oregon and are Andy Alvarez (guitar, vocals), Nick Brink (guitar), Jonny Garcia (drums) and Austin Antrican (bass).

Robb Donker

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