Friday, April 19, 2019

"Silver Car" by The Flavians feels like a handwritten love letter

The Flavians' track Silver Car feels like a handwritten love letter. Organically crafted with acoustic piano sounds, tight rhythms and a lush bed of harmonies free of electronic enhancements. The track feels so exquisitely free and down to earth. The sound feels a bit like 70's chamber pop in it's honest approach and, no wonder, as The Flavians who hail from Germany draw their inspiration from bands like The Beatles, Grateful Dead and The Beach Boys blending the retro sounds of the 60's with the current sounds of Berlin. Lovely. Damn Lovely.

Robb Donker


After sharing a bunk in one of Berlin’s numerous hostels for several weeks, Joakim Jägerhult (drums) and Liam Blomqvist (vocals & guitar) began to share ideas and develop what was soon to become their next project, The Flavians. With the later addition of Anna Vaverková (vocals & keys) and Thomas Wills (vocals & bass), the band began to write together. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and The Beach Boys, they set out to join the warm, nostalgic sounds of the 60s with the frantic, hedonistic energy of Berlin. 
With vocal harmonies from a blend of three diverse voices, psychedelic guitar textures and lyrics discussing themes such as destitution and alienation, they walk the tightrope between the surreal and the mundane while staying grounded and focused on writing accessible, melodic, yet experimental songs.
Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted), a parody of modern life, will be released on the 2nd of November. The track was recorded over the span of a year in various spaces around Berlin, Germany and in Nässjö, Sweden using a mix of analogue and digital gear with instruments from the 60s and 70s and was mixed by Fabio Buemi (TRIXX, Berlin) and mastered by Steve Fallone (Sterling Sound, NY). As expressed by Buzz Music, LA ‘The Flavians produce a unique sound of beautiful harmonies that present us with messages of everyday struggles.’
As the end of the year approaches, The Flavians will be continuing to work on their album and develop their plans. With festivals and shows already confirmed in the UK, Scandinavia and Germany in 2019, it's shaping up to be a busy year for The Flavians.

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