Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The spectral track "Willow" by Northern California's Junaco holds many surprises

The spectral track Willow by Junaco feels at once transparent and dreamy but shifts in sudden ways turning up grooves and turning pages with new chapters with sounds that feel in opposition to the previous chapter. In this way, the story feels dynamic and like any great piece of art feels like a musical Rorschach test ready to soak up the personal meaning and truth from each listener. 

At it's core Junaco is Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa forming in the unincorporated mountain town in coastal Northern California. It is a stunning place that will be overtaken by dense fog. It is no wonder that Junaco's music has such a thick dreamy atmosphere. Their debut EP, "Awry" displays the couples innate perceptions of human emotions. 

Jaffer reveals, “The underlying theme is about coming to terms with experiences and hardships we have faced and finally putting them out there. It’s very healing”.  

Robb Donker

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