Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tyto Alba's track "Oh Pride" feels sunny but with emotional storms on the horizon

Oh Pride by Tyto Alba is a free flying sunny indie pop song that feels like memories and longing. Propelled by mid tempo beats that feel like running to something and dreamy guitars in tow. There is a romantic wave sound here pushed through indie pop filters enhanced by Melanie Steinway's vocal performance that feels dreamy, a bit forlorn and full of emotions she has swallowed whole. The band hails from Denver, Colorado rounded out by Matt Rossi, Andrew Bair and Danny Dimarchi. " After going on several tours and releasing a handful of EPs and singles, the band is currently at work on their debut LP with renowned local engineer Colin Bricker of Mighty Fine Productions, a studio with a recording roster that includes Devotchka , Tennis and Esme Patterson."

- Robb Donker

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