Saturday, April 20, 2019

"What The Living Do" by Fauvely rides the razor thin line between darkness and ligh

What The Living Do by Chicago's Fauvely rides the razor thin rail between the darkness and light. With it's dramatic sweep and almost Funeral dirge cadence it feels incredibly sad, like a eulogy about someone or something that has ended much too soon. Within the sadness, though, there are glimmers of hope and rising from the ashes. Fauvely is fronted by Sophi Brochu and her emotionally torn vocal performance is at the core of the sadness. She has dedicated What The Living Do (which takes its title from a poetry collection by NY-based Marie Howe) to her friend who lost her mother to cancer. The dreaminess and fog of sadness... the story is told over pearly guitars, organs and piano steeped in the grief of those who are left behind. 

Robb Donker

What The Living Do:
Music & Lyrics by Fauvely

Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Chace Wall
at JAMDEK and at his home in Chicago

Mastered by Scott Simon at Process Haus

Produced by Fauvely and Chace Wall

Sophie Brochu: vocals, guitar
Dale Price: guitar, piano, assorted organs, backing vocals
Scott Cortez: bass VI, machete, noise
Dave Piscotti: drums, shakers, maraca, tambourine

With help from:
Chace Wall - ending piano twinkles

Dedicated to Kimberly Kaufman

Robb Donker

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