Saturday, May 11, 2019

Angela Aux rides cosmic clouds on the effervescent "Special When You Come"

Germany's Angela Aux rides on cosmic clouds on the song Special When You Come. The chill indie sounds might be called Krautfolk by some but it feels so free and easy and actually conjures up California sunsets with surfers shooting rooster tails of salt water to the heavens. 

About the song, he offers:

"It's a song about conflicts and their relation to love and sexuality. I wrote it while having an affair with a feminist politician from Vienna. First we thought we hated each other, but then realized that this was some strange form of attraction. We argued a lot and got lost in Vienna nights. One night we made the deal that every time we had an extreme argumentation we would recall in our minds, that the energy could also be resolved in making love, which we did then. We had no future though."

From the album "In Love With The Demons" - on SPOTIFY.

Robb Donker

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