Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kiss The Tiger's blues rock fire and sweet revelations on "Sisterly Love"

Sisterly Love by five piece Kiss The Tiger starts of deceptively tender and then blues rock fire and brimstone fires up. With keys, power bass that walks and sways before strutting, clean guitar that holds embracing tones before spitting out big blues rock affectations, the song is big bold blues rock with tinges of gospel and a patina of Americana rock. Meghan Kreidler's vox is superbly real, in the pocket not feeling overly pushed or dramatic. The emotion doesn't feel acted but instead felt like it should be. The band hails from Minneapolis and is rounded out by Michael Anderson (rhythm guitar / vox), Andrew Berg (lead guitar), Paul DeLong (bass) and Jay DeHut (drums).

Sisterly Love is from their most recent album "Let Me Bleed" released earlier this year. 

Robb Donker

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