Saturday, May 11, 2019

Atlas Orbiter's lush layered guitar driven "Ghost" is a full tilt emotional ride

The proggy and lushly layered Ghost by Atlanta based Atlas Orbiter sounds as rock heavy as it does dreamy. The drumming alone, so tightly wound yet expressive and emotionally tied to the walls of guitars and Shannon McQuaid's wailing vox is worth the price of admission. A song with this kind of emotional angst needs breathing room and Ghost does from time to time but for the most part it is a back and forth guitar driven dance, an anthemic wall of sounds and feelings that ache like a turmoil of stirring inside your gut. Best not to swallow this song if you are already drunken with regrets.

Robb Donker


Atlas Orbiter is an Atlanta based band with a sound that takes sonic elements and inspiration from a diverse array of rock sub-genres including post-rock, hard rock, post-hardcore, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and dream pop. Complex instrumentals often with many layers of effects are accompanied by soaring vocals from singer Shannon McQuaid. Their newest song Ghost releases in May 2019, with several more new songs planned for release in the following months. The band's first song Void was released in mid-2017. Atlas Orbiter has built a following in the Atlanta scene through gigs at the Masquerade, Hard Rock Cafe, and other local venues.

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