Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kyoto Banana Star's latest offering, the maddening "Hold Me Down" is a moon pie of indie goodness

Kyoto Banana Star hail from Victoria, British Columbia and their latest offering Hold Me Down (the first single from their upcoming EP) is a moon pie of indie goodness. Chocolate-teee on the outside with a soft gooey core. It feels sad, really but captivating too built on a kind or rough feral vocal performance accompanied by free wheeling musicianship, haphazard yet purposeful guitar strains, synths that percolate in a kind of oscillating radio static waves coming in and out sort of way, staggered drumming that can jam when needed. I like how sometimes the song sonic-ally gets lost in it's own vacuum that it creates. The song gets sad, gets maddening, more sad and more histrionic like life, like young life when the world can seem so fucking unfair.

Cool stuff-
Robb Donker

Nima - Vox/Keys 

Jet - Vox/Guitar 

Jorge - Guitar 

Luis - Drums 

Kai - Bass 

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