Thursday, May 9, 2019

Frame by L.A.'s Runnner is sophisticated alt folk that digs emotionally deep

Frame by Los Angeles based alt folk band Runnner is a hard look in the mirror and the reflections are sobering told with plaintiff harmonies hinged on acoustic guitars, banjo, swelling leads sounds, keys, drums and more. The more includes beautiful layers of more guitars, trumpets, quite heavy bass tones taking the song from what first feels like a kind of grunge soaked folk song to an orchestrated folk meets 70's chamber pop meets Americana and more. There are so many flavors and sophistication here all centered around this fractured emotional core. I can so relate to the lyrics at every turn. 

"I stay up late for nothing good... I kick myself for never sleeping... weighted down by all I should...."

Listen to all the words, the truth and the earnest seeds of hope in between the lines. Love this song

Robb Donker


RUNNNER, the Los Angeles-based band, has quickly become of the best kept secrets in their music scene today. Helmed by Noah Weinman (who plays guitar for Worn-Tin and Natalie Green, as well as trumpet for DAISY) and Nate Lichtenberger (percussion/FX for Thumpasaurus), the band fuses electronic and experimental elements into their ragged, heart-on-your-sleeve folk-rock. A sound they somewhat facetiously refer to as “Bandcamp songs for Soundcloud kids.”
“We start with these honest, bedroom-folksy songs,” Weinman said. “Then we just start adding like 808’s and weird found-sounds and pretty soon it’s something totally new and exciting.”
Their debut album, Awash, crept its way through the city’s independent scene; winning over fans for their wry and sometimes devastating takes on break-ups, loneliness, grilled chicken, and minor medical procedures. 
Filling out the rest of the band is Rosie Tucker on bass, Evan Rasch on guitar, Dan Rasch on keys, and Ben McPeek & Jordan Leicht on saxophones. Their expressive live shows supporting indie stars such as Half Waif, Yoke Lore, and Field Medic, in addition to one of the most well-attended sets at LA’s Echo Park Rising Festival in 2018, have garnered a passionate, local fan base as the band aims to expand their reach nationally.

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