Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Orchestra Gold's "Mali Senekelaw" - pulsating African psyche rock / soul music will light you up

The track Mali Senekelaw by Orchestra Gold is a pulsating blend of African inspired psyche rock / soul music fueled by the charismatic Malian singer and dancer Mariam Diakité. Guitar driven rooted with Malian drumming, low rattling saxophones and Diakité's possessed vocals conjure up a tattered and torn 16 millimeter film reel of some punk driven version of an Afro funk'd Cotton Club in another time and place. The track, in fact, was engineered by bass player Luke Bace on analog tape intentionally going for a gritty, dirty sound at Coyote Hearing Studios in West Oakland, California,  "We wanted you to feel like you stepped into a Bamako music club circa 1976." The energy itself here lights up your soul. 

Robb Donker

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