Saturday, May 11, 2019

Guitar driven punk saturated alternative rocker "Chrismess" by London based Oshens

Oshens are a London based alternative rock band and their latest offering Chrismess quickly descends into cagey guitar driven post punk rock sounds with power pop tendencies. The vocal performance strident and dripping with a kind of proto punk snarl feels like a heady inspired cross between such disparate characters as proto punk icon Siouxie Sioux (from Siouxie and the Banshees) to Gwen Stefani when she was an urban new wave beach punker to an even slight tinge of emo rocker Haley Williams. The vocal style sits comfortably in the feral nature of the guitar, bass and drums that is so damn jammy. So Cool.

Robb Donker


London based alternative rock band hailing from all corners of the world foster the sound of 'beach punk'.
OSHENS are releasing a single every month for the year of 2💥19.
They are currently semi-finalists for the Isle of Wight Festival 'New Blood' Competition.

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