Friday, May 31, 2019

heckdang's heavy passionate post punk sound on "St. Anthony" from the "Never Left Home" EP

St. Anthony by Charlotte based emo-influenced post punk outfit heckdang is all about storytelling... passionate storytelling. The song falls head first into a lovely forlorn feel and Magda Criswell vocal performance as tortured as it sounds full of hurt and loss feels real. The chorus erupts into even heavier sounds. The song has constant movement from the picking guitar and piano sounds and even though it is drenched in post punk goodness it (for me) feels very much like Americana rock too. I mean I thought of such luminaries as Patti Smith and in blending punk and a kind of Americana rock feel I also thought of Titus Andronicus. 

St. Anthony is from heckdang's recently released "Never Left Home" available on CD and Bandcamp. heckdang is Magda Criswell on bass and vocals; Phillip Calhoun on guitar; and Cole Brooks on drums.

Robb Donker

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