Thursday, May 30, 2019

Minihorse's narcotic drip with big lush waves of indie rock on the dreamy "Summer Itch"

Summer Itch is the second single from Minihorse's debut album "Living Room Art" dropping on July 26th via Park the Van.

I am feeling slow motion images in my mind when I listen to this track. Bendy guitar notes and vocal melodies that move, push against the sonic dissonance. The airy production with subtle guitar and other sounds feel (on the verses) down turned but comfortable as the almost forlorn vocal performance feels like a purposeful counter position. A vocal ying to the guitar driven yang. Minihorse has this sad aesthetic and it is once again mined here but it doesn't matter if they drink the same kool aid as long as they invent new flavors after all. The narcotic sleepy drip is offset by the bigger chorus that feels dreamy and lush. The emotional weight is felt here in a sad big way and that is the most important part. With songs like this we need to feel something and I do. 

Of the track, Ben Collins offers:

"Summer Itch is a song about a feeling I’m sure most Michiganders will understand. When it’s freezing, I have a tendency to lock myself indoors. The days are short and sunlight is hard to come by. There’s a lethargic feeling to the whole thing, which drives the central tempo of this song. Initially, when we recorded it, everything was a bit more mid-tempo, until we tried massively slowing the whole tape machine down, stretching out the sound in the process. We finished the whole song on top of these slowed-down basic tracks, and it feels very much like January in Michigan." 

Robb Donker

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