Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jordan Sommerlad is full of ethereal and rockish twists and turns on "Shake Me"

Shake Me by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Jordan Sommerlad has such dreamy tendencies, ethereal and airy with dramatic tension. At first it feels as if Beach House and Caveman had an offspring, I can see images in space, images tinged in a Polaroid patina told in layers of sounds. 

From the onset, Sommerlad creates tensions and drama. A cagey percussive framework for a smooth silky vocal performance. Those aforementioned ethereal tendencies fall way to a rockish chorus with a big pop sway-- for some reason I thought of the old school "new wave" broad pop of Tears For Fears when they would swing wide. Such a trippy cool track. When it goes acoustic for a brief moment that hooky melody grabs you by the shirt collar. The breath and scope of this song just makes me smile with joy as it rocks out once again. 

Robb Donker


“As a teen, I used to stay up late at night in my room to work on music with my four-track recorder. I still do the same thing today, recording here in my apartment. Music has always been therapeutic for me—it’s a way to separate from the worries of the day,” the New York-based indie artist Jordan Sommerlad shares.

After years of honing his craft as an indie songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and bedroom producer visionary, Jordan now announces his first official solo album, playfully titled Your Favorite Palindrome. The 10-song collection will be preceded by the lushly-layered single, Shake Me.

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