Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Bisou Bisou" by Swedish art rock duo Tella Viv cuts an avant garde pop groove with a punk attitude

Bisou Bisou by Swedish art rock duo Tella Viv is unabashedly drenched in a deep indie pop sound with a power art pop undercurrent. The song from the onset cuts a deep kind of rock dance groove and never lets up, the bass jams, guitars attack and then step back, synth flourishes and cagey drums set up a thick lush sound for the gritty vox that snarl but are have fun at the same time. Bisou Bisou for all it's pop-ness has a decidedly punk attitude. 

Tella Viv is Carl Hjelm and Benjamin Lavén. The art rock duo have a love of avant garde pop. Of Bisou Bisou they offer:

"Pardon our french. This song is a road trip to the underworld, dealing with goodbyes, adieus, call it what you like. An eloquent way of saying “*** ***”. Welcome change, but first give me that tiny kiss you promised.
We spoke of Bisou Bisou as a garage rock song in the form of a french garden. Trimmed, exact and wild. We wanted to see if we could combine our love to the messy, with precision. The result came kissing us."

Robb Donker

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