Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sid Steppes' "I'd Like To Go Away From Here Again With You" languid and beautifully dark psychedelia

I'd Like To Go Away From Here Again With You by Sid Steppes and from the recently released "Trails" album feels like a hazy sad core darker almost grunge version of 60's artists like Donovan or Status Quo. I am loving the languid sound, the lush bass line and forlorn vocal performance. The retro sound sounds less retro than possessed by former times. 

From Southern California, Sid Steppes creates his sounds in makeshift bedroom studios. His debut DIY album "Trails" is available on Bandcamp. A Neo-psychedelic dream pop album honed by a decade of crafting emotions and sounds. 

Press notes reveal that: 

Trails is inspired by heartache, depression and the path towards rehabilitating the mind, as well as a deep bond and connection for psychedelic music from the 60s and 70s. “I listened to a lot of John Lennon during a hard time in my life and was inspired by the vulnerability and honesty in his lyrics. I had never written about my emotions before but listening to Lennon eased the fear of opening up and exposing myself.”

Robb Donker

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