Monday, May 13, 2019

Homme de Fleurs featuring Emmalee Madden - beautifully collide on "Contact"

The song Contact opens with the vocal performance by Emmalee Madden, somber and effected with a hint of herself ghosting in such a sad core self aware way is quite mesmerizing and becomes more when Homme De Fleurs' (the alt-folk project by Canadian artist and producer Jason Zerbin) voice steps in to hold hand. The two as one entity is so beautifully captivating and embraces you throughout the entire song elevated by the spartan production. It is the emptiness of the song that feels heavy. I love, absolutely love how Madden voice spikes into falsetto in surprising ways. Love the percussion that supports at the right moments and the vocal melodies that lift you up.

Press notes reveal that the song was written on an island in Canada's West Coast which must of seeped into the bones of the song, the undercurrent of loneliness, the vacuum of longing. 


Robb Donker

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