Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Cabbys show their softer side on "For Gavin" a loving guidebook from father to son

The Cabby's are a three piece "surfy" indie rock band out of Los Angeles. The swim in seas of psychedelic punk and experimental fare. I love the fact that they cite their influences as Mexican food instead of the Pixies and Sonic Youth. Jesus, I miss great Mexican food. It is hard to find good Mexican food in Georgia (miss L.A.) but I digress. 

The Cabbys are Hans Nusslock (guitar. vox), his cuz, Jeanna Fournier (bass, harmonies) and Justin Forsythe (drums) and their debut single For Gavin is the softer side of their sound. Nusslock wrote the folk flavored sweetness for his son. From the very beginning it draws you in. It is so exquisitely tender and (for me being a father) tear inducing. It is both a lullaby and a guidebook. It is full of love and maybe, in between the lines, tinges of regret and hope, reluctance but, in the end, this lovely sigh of relief and understanding. 

"and always do your best... you will shine above the rest... always work really hard.... chase your dreams you're in charge.... always believe in yourself..... don't be discouraged by anyone else.... sometimes pain will help you grow.... yeah I thought that you should know...."

By the way, the way that Nusslock sings "should know" in the aforementioned passage just kills me. I love, love his voice and vocal performance on this track and the chorus is just a masterful piece of songwriting, of marrying emotion, melody and the nuances of his vocal character. I love this song. 

Robb Donker

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