Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Within the vacant stares of "Smoke Cigarettes" Leche Malo's voice holds hope of better days

Leche Malo's Smoke Cigarettes with it's sing songy cadence makes me think of some 60's static filled TV transmission with smiley teenagers head bobbing back and forth but with vacant stares. Maybe because within the orchestral lo-fi post punk / alt folk rock there is a true sadness buried beneath the (maybe) false bravado and plastic smile. That cadence though, is ultra captivating as is the sadcore tones about empty sex and hopelessness. Malo's mid range Eq'd vox feel super cool and soothing. There is a hint of self harmonies that works so well and the words cut deep riding on his high registers.

The bridge with a female voice feels beautiful and sublime but still sad but hopeful and inspired. This song resonates with desire, true desire to be happy, be normal and not be complacent. Like all great songs this song about emptiness runs very deep.

"Leche Malo is a songwriter and itinerate bum producing lo-fi music out of Central California, Chicago, and NYC."

Robb Donker

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