Thursday, June 27, 2019

"Birthdayland" by London's Chernobyl Sunshine Club sweeps you up in it's lush, sad, romantic arms

Birthdayland by London's Chernobyl Sunshine Club is a sweeping jaugernaut of a chamber pop song drenched in a lush sad sound. The cadence is waltz like and when everything drops out to reveal the spartan pretty core you feel that sway even more touching that sadness with a romantic hug. As their press note reveal the band is inspired by video game soundtracks and film scores and that makes sense when you hear their full tilt cinimatic sound. It feels lovely, yet a bit dark at the same time. 

Robb Donker


After a break working on new tracks we're back with a new line up and cinematic live sound. Birthdayland will be the first single of 2019 we some more coming out later in the year.

Chernobyl Sunshine Club are Londoners whose cinematic Indie/Alt Folk, inspired by video game soundtracks and film scores, is a euphoric blend of beats and riffs that unashamedly borrows from rock, metal and jazz and even classical music. Originators and musical explorers, Chernobyl Sunshine Club set out to prove that when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. 
Chernobyl Sunshine Club formed in late 2016, hit the London club scene and recorded their debut single, 'When Death Was A Boy (2017)' . Frequently playlisted in the UK and US, it was followed up by single 'Pelagius (2018)' which earned support from Tom Robinson on BBC 6 music among others. 

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