Thursday, June 27, 2019

The drunken carnival ride that is "The Weather" by Drooligan

The Weather by Drooligan feels like a drunken carnival ride. There is a wonderful almost "caberet on high" tone with a wide eyed full arm sweep stagey vocal performance. The kind of farfisa-esque upbeat to downbeat ska cadence coupled with that kind of tongue and cheek performance made me think a bit of the bands Madness (One Step Beyond) and Space (Neighborhood and Female of The Species) who I really love.  Drooligan is Dave Greenbrown, Hannah Bungard and David Jarman and never, ever lose your English accents when you sing, yeah...

Robb Donker


Three technicolour disco miscreants beating electro-pop bangers out of a dusty old clubland organ.
In late 2017, Dave Greenbrown, Hannah Bungard and David Jarman went exploring through the abandoned rooms of a social club in York. After kicking in the door of the old committee room and climbing over boxes of moulding Victorian photographs, they found...
Well, they didn’t know what it was.
Something that looked like the lovechild of a keyboard and a minibar.
They dragged it over to a socket, plugged it in and started pressing buttons.
Without anyone realising, Drooligan were having their first band practice.
Since discovering the organ, Dave, Bungard and Jarman have spent thousands of joyful hours mastering the 1984 Kawai X-430 and its racks of built-in synthesisers. Expect three colourful and immature nutcases dancing, grinning and singing songs about umbrellas, superstition, the seaside and Anne Bronte. As well as the odd feminist anthem for the single and proud.
What you can hear now is three people squeezing every last possible drop out of one organ. Beats, basslines, synths, melodies, drum fills, handclaps and clicks. One drooligan plays one end, one drooligan plays the other, and whoever's free gets up in your face. The resulting manic electro-fairground disco-poetry is Drooligan.

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