Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Cement Hands" by Oakland based Shutups is a shot of punk adrenaline.

Cement Hands by Oakland based indie / punk two piece band Shutups is a shot of punk adrenaline. The guitar hook itself cuts such a funky proto punkish groove that it widens your eyes instantly. Singer-songwriter / guitarist Hadley possesses a vocal style drenched with an insane wink while also feeling a bit tortured (in the best possible way). The chorus with drum breaks, courtesy of Mia, accenting the deep guitar cuts along with the vocal gymnastics is so delicious. The sound feels like strident post punk, art punk with grunge elements. Fuck I love their sound. 

"Cement Hands, which offers forth a push-and-pull between catchy synth-coated hooks and trapezoidal indie rock riffage. Its title is a tip of the hat to Mia’s childhood nickname, given to her by her mother in response to Mia’s unintentionally strong sibling punches. Within the song is a metaphor that a lover could brutally crush your heart with his or her cement hands."

The band has released four EPs and their upcoming debut full length "Every Day I'm Less Zen is out this summer. 

Robb Donker

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