Thursday, June 6, 2019

Revolvers' pop subversive rocker "Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil" has dark twists and winks

Revolvers' pop subversive rocker Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil has a dark side to the cagey rhythms and vocal harmonies that contain twists and winks. The guitar breaks contain big hooks and the chorus with stepped up melodies that kind of chase themselves are infectious. Thurling's vocal style feels a bit art rockish and self aware... but not to theatrical as to feel false. 

“We all grew up listening to our parents’s music, Bowie, Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles. My home as a young boy was full of vinyl records and music playing all the time.” Thurling stated.  
“But we also love guitar driven pop and rock from the late 90’s to today. Our music fuses these two generations of music together. You can hear elements of The Strokes, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Catfish melding together with some bluesy 70’s guitar riffs”.
The video for Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil has winks and smiles in between the simply bad ass music aesthetic. Video Directed by Bradley Davies of Yosemite Bear Productions. Music Produced by George Apsion of Kore Studios. Revolvers are based out of London (England).
Robb Donker

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