Sunday, June 2, 2019

"Crushed Velvet" by It's Butter is a free form alt pop blend of rock, jazz and R &B flavors

Crushed Velvet by So Cal based alt rock / alt pop band It's Butter is a pop blend of rock, jazz, R & B and even tropical punk flavors. The expressions lyrical and otherwise by "raised valley girl" Britta Raci and "Columbian spice" Diego Patino is funny, acerbic, dreamy and bipolar and charmingly honest all in a good way. It all feels tightly wound, free form, kind of improvisational and freeing too whether it is or not and I love the feeling that the song can go in many directions and maybe live it does. Ostensibly a duo, East-Coast native Johnnie Gilmore, has been laying down the bass grooves for the band.


Robb Donker


It’s Butter is a Southern California based alt-rock band creating happy music for anxious people. 
The blend of pop, rock, and r&b is put together by born-and-raised valley girl, Britta Raci, and Colombian spice, Diego Patino. In 2016, their self-titled EP introduced the band’s honest lyricism, catchy choruses, and unique drum grooves. As the band’s momentum grew, the group soon began playing DIY festivals, and found themselves opening for artists like Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi of Knower. As of 2019, East-Coast native Johnnie Gilmore, has been tastefully laying down the bass grooves for the band.
The group’s follow-up single, “Forty Four” revealed the band’s love for neo-soul, while showcasing sassy, in-your-face verses, as well as an emotional chorus. The recording of “Forty Four” recently landed the band with a DownBeat Magazine Award for “Most Outstanding Performance.” Summing up the message of “Forty Four” would be equivalent to summing up the message of the band in one simple message: Words are just words, and people still talk. So why are you scared?

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