Sunday, June 2, 2019

Glory Nights by New York based Supercel is an intoxicating sultry ride

Glory Nights by Supercel based out of NYC from the onset cuts a deep spartan groove that grabs you on many levels. The bass melody and edgy drums cuts musical images so varied. It sounds proto punkish ala Talking Heads but when the retro synth it starts to veer toward horror pop sounds and when Paul Casanova high falsetto verse vox edge in there is a cool (yet dangerous) pop element. The pre-chorus bops in with keys mirroring the vocal melodies and the building, burning continues and growing like the smile on my face. When the guitar strains come in it is divine but when the bottom drops out and the catchy (Tom Tom club style) synth comes the musical circle is closed into some blendo indie rock / pop motif drenched in an old school kind of Roxy Music sultriness. This track feels simple but is actually complex and layered with Dance club, 80's ish new wave, proto punk, disco even. Still it feels organic and natural and not crafted to death.Wow. Read the press notes below and it all makes sense. Looking forward to hearing more. 

Robb Donker

The Facts As We Know It- Press Notes:

Wearing a mix of influences from soul and 70's concert rock to indie pop and psychedelia, Supercel stitches it together and weaves a tapestry all their own. Led by songwriter/guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Casanova whose credits range from the platinum selling Empire Records Soundtrack to live appearances with legends like Gloria Gaynor, and recording for artists such as Seattle's Black Ocean Temple, Finland's Peppina and Vermont's Kris Gruen, the band is made up of Sean Gaffney on keys and vocals, Jackson Tarricone on bass, Anthony Sabino on drums and guitarist Tom Stoerger.
With their recent song "High Water" released as part of the soundtrack and film "Monday" for director Robert Rodriguez's "Rebel Without a Crew" TV show, the band is currently set to release their debut full-length on July 19th on Brooklyn's Mother West label.

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