Sunday, June 23, 2019

Elliah Heifetz and his grounding folk sound on "I'm Over Here" from his debut EP "New Folk Songs"

Look at that face. This is Elliah Heifetz and the track I'm Over Here feels like a folk diorama. It is loaded with the kind of classic folk tropes that feel comforting (in the best way) but is also chalked full of fresh sincere emotional revelations and poetry. Heifetz guitar lines are so heavily expressive as is his evocative vocals that flow from gritty low reassurances to high register falsettos that feels so tenderly embracing. Acclaimed singer-songwriter (and Broadway star) Jane Bruce's beautiful harmony adds another depth of emotion. 

The folk feels classic and real and so needed during these sometimes bipolar and uncertain times. Heifetz aesthetic makes you feel grounded at least for a while. 

Robb Donker


ELLIAH HEIFETZ is a first-generation American singer-songwriter born to political refugees. After writing musicals and pop songs with premier Broadway & Hollywood talent, Elliah turned to his first love—folk music—to sing his own story. In 2018, he released his first 2 songs, and made it onto TIDAL's "Best in Rising Folk/Country 2018." This year, a critically-acclaimed string of singles lead up to the May release of his debut EP, "New Folk Songs”; tracks have already accrued over 300k cumulative streams.

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