Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hullo and his effervescent punk Tropical "Cold In The Sky" feel free and easy

19 year old Newfoundland born singer-songwriter. musician Nicholas Bendzsa as Hullo and on the effervescent track Cold In The Sky mines an almost kind of casiofied lounge / tropical punk sound. The song opens up with lite jazzy motifs and nice pretty guitar lines. The bridge falls into some lovely sort of Mac DeMarco tones. 

I have a hard fast rule that if an indie pop song could also double as a Mentos commercial that I instantly like it. And Cold In The Sky hits that mark for me (I am not joking). Cool.

Robb Donker


Hullo is the moniker for 19-year-old Newfoundland born musician, Nicholas Bendzsa. Echoing the relaxing energy of groups like Men I Trust and Homeshake, Hullo is an expression of honest emotion, sarcasm and anxiety, creating an individual blend of introspective, dreamy pop music. 

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