Saturday, June 29, 2019

Gemini Sun's jagged punk slacker trip of "I'll Get Round To It" is the sonic narcotic I need

Wow, wow, wow. From the onset, the track I'll Get Round To it by Gemini Sun made me think of Pavement and Lou Reed at the same time. It may be the jangly guitars, proto punkish seemingly free form attitude and Samuel Dooks kind of smirky "I don't give a fuck" vocal performance and while I am sure he gives a fuck, you can almost see his eyes gazing upward in thought as he reflects on the words. The tone is sardonic but deep and in that regard it has that kind of acerbic Stephen Malkmus thing going for it. When the musical break happens there is some sweet proggy inspired things happening, sudden descending chords that dart in in surprising ways and the spartan yet super energetic jammy quality appeals to me. So, so fucking good. As their press notes reveal :

Songwriter and singer, Sam, says the track is 'a turbulent slacker trip through the bewilderment of life in the modern age.'

They releases a home recorded "Polyhedrap" EP with Crocodile Records London in 2017 and have been building up their audience since then via live shows.  ​I'll Get Around to It is their first single recorded as a full band and was produced by ​Toby Kidd (​ Hatcham Social, Amy Studt) at ​Bark Studios (Flowers, Go-Kart Mozart) in north east London.

Gemini Sun cite Dorchester as their hometown.

Robb Donker

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