Saturday, June 29, 2019

Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist JCCalvet bends time and emotions on the cinematic "Half Asleep"

Half Alseep by JCCalvet feels like a morning sunrise, like synapses in the brain starting to fire off, sleep wiped from the eyes as life's seconds, minutes sweep and swirl into hours and days. Beginning with what sounds like the heavy buttons of an analog tape machine, the song is less than 3 minutes but as if time is bending and condensed, all the swirling emotions seriously make the song feel half that time. Before you know it, it is over. Aesthetically, it is moments of intimacy blooming into an almost hyper reality of orchestrated beauty and dramatic moments. Half Asleep was written and recorded in Boston, Massachusetts. Press notes reveal that:

'The lyrics refer to everyday scenes which can make us so easily recall a dormant mournful past. The production features live recording to tape as well as heavy sampling and programming in an unusual, highly organic manner.'

In the end Half Asleep almost feels like condensed moments of one's life revealed in a truly cinematic way. From the EP, "Resize The Universe"- multi-disciplined Venezuelan artist JCCalvet makes life feel more beautiful.

Robb Donker


JCCalvet is a genre-bending scientist of the word and sound. After graduating Berklee College of Music and a brief run as an audio engineer in NYC, he realized that his true intentions lied in becoming an artist and sharing his inner tones with the world. His songwriting caught Berklee faculty and Grammy-nominated producer Enrique Gonzalez Müller's eye, and the two of them soon started working on what would become JCCalvet's first single - Resize the Universe.

Also a visionary producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, JCCalvet has enjoyed success producing Mexican singer Paulina Parga, singing backing vocals on Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Claudia Prieto's EP, and engineering on recordings by greats such as Anthony Jackson, Becca Stevens and Binky Griptite.
While having enjoyed past lives as an orchestra violinist, sideman as a guitarist and pianist, session backing-vocalist and guitarist, and full-time audio tracking engineer, JCCalvet has accumulated hundreds upon hundreds of songs, the best of which are about to inescapably see the light of day. Being originally from Caracas, Venezuela, his roots allow him to be proficient in Spanish songwriting as well, allowing for a profound flexibility into the latin singer-songwriter genre.
As a life-long music maker and producer, he is always in the search of surpassing the boundaries that current music-making technologies have to offer. His visionary, no-looking-back method of creation, has earned admiration and faith from his peers and fans alike.
JCCalvet's new EP, "Resize the Universe" will be released in April, and will feature a collection of new songs that have been brewing for a long time. With topics about the universe, humanity, love, time and lack thereof (of all of the above), he seeks not only for the listener to comprehend him, but for them to be one step closer to comprehending themselves.

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