Sunday, June 23, 2019

Just bleeds on "Meek" (Seasonal Depression Version)

Meek (Seasonal Depression Version) by So Cal's Just starts with harmonics and bass notes and then a transient beat that a guitar progression builds around. It is a sign of things to come, a slow burn of desolation, of sad vocals and forlorn harmonies. To me, it kind of feels like a grungey lullaby, sadcore art floating in a sea of sadness. This is after all the "seasonal depression version" or so they say but there are some words spoken between the lines, some glimmers of hope that you can feel in the smattering of inspired guitar strikes at the end that finally turns into a (somewhat) hopeful eruption. 

"This is a reworking of an older song. This song is about my mom and her resilience to keep living life, despite her husband stepping out and abandoning his family. This song features Janey Reich, one of Orange County's best vocalists and local musicians (of the bands Layman and Telstar)."

From the "Just To Come" EP.

Robb Donker


Just is the vehicle for songs written by Southern Californian musician Garrett La Bonte. Started initially in 2012 as an ambient/instrumental project, the moniker now hosts songs in a variety of styles, including traditional vocal pieces with instrumental accompaniment. While La Bonte and his songs are constant, the lineup is an ever-changing cast of musicians and artists from his local community.
The songs of Just are for the most part inspired by the quiet, sparse music La Bonte grew up hearing from his older siblings’ bedrooms. Writing songs akin to these memories is a way to get in touch with the past and bring that memorable sound into a modern format. But really, these are simply songs written in a quieter state of mind.

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